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When’s the last time you jumped in a go-kart and felt the wind through your hair and the rush of speed? Adventure out to do something fun and different – something the whole family will LOVE! Plus, CSE Go-karts are fun for ALL ages! With multiple tracks and multiple karts, we can cater to all different ages & sizes! Whether you’re riding the Rookie Karts or sliding on the Super Slicks, you’re sure to have a great time!

Check ’em out!:

Super Slick Karts – Show off your race car skills on this high-performance track! Drivers must be 58″ or taller for our SUPER Slick Karts on our indoor oval track! Come in and enjoy the fun at every slide and turn!

Grand Prix Karts – Racers 58″ or taller, enjoy our 1/4 mile outdoor Grand Prix track, offering a bridge overpass, and twists and turns as you zip through the track. (If it is inclement weather, enjoy these family-style karts on our indoor oval track). Younger kids – 36″-57″ tall may ride as a passenger on these karts with a driver who is 18 years of age or older.

Rookie Karts – For our smaller drivers, 45″ or taller, hop on our Rookie Karts for an awesome driving experience on our indoor banked oval track!