Come one, Come all, Step right up! It’s carnival time!

Joining Down the Clown & Milk Jug Toss at the Carlisle Sports Emporium are the incredibly fun: Whack ‘N Win & Gold Fishin’ Arcade Games!

Whack N Win at the game of skill, on our brand new 11 foot Whack ‘N Win Game!

Whack your way into the win zone by using your SKILL to hammer the sensor pad and attempt to win the bonus. Whack N Win is intuitive, challenging, and rewards players of all skill levels. The patented sensor pad allows for all age groups to give it a WHACK, and get the moving LED’s to land in the Bonus Win Zone.

Gold Fishin’ – Part of the HIT CARNIVAL SERIES – Newest edition!

Fun and alluring for all ages! Toss the balls into the life-like gold fish bowls and WIN!

whack n win gold fishin