It’s official… Latest addition to our Arcade Games!!

In a galaxy far,

far away…

Carlisle Sports Emporium brought a whole new level of Star Wars appreciation to every fan out there!star wars star wars 2 star wars3





Our already large arcade hosts huge amounts of games designed for players of all ages! From winning tickets to setting the new high score on the latest, greatest games, Carlisle Sports Emporium has an awesome variety of arcade games that will keep you coming back for more! Now, as if that wasn’t enough of a reason to enjoy the arcade at the Sports Emporium, we have added a new awe-inspiring game that is sure to send players into an extraordinary gaming experience!

Surround yourself in the high speed battle as you experience the Star Wars Universe like never before! The brand new Star Wars Battle Pod features a dome screen that transports players to a galaxy far, far away and straight into the heart of battle. Players will be able to take control of some of the most memorable vehicles in the Star Wars universe and pilot them to victory. An innovative dome-shaped, cinematic screen delivers a 180 degree horizontal field-of-view that creates uncanny realism.

Victory is achieved through adept and masterful control of the Star Wars Battle Pod flight stick controls and throttle. Destroy enemy crafts to gain points; bring down multiple enemy crafts in quick succession to earn combo bonuses. Players’ scores and performance are determined after each stage.  Players will experience exciting encounters between Rebel forces and the Empire first-hand; reliving some of the most iconic scenes from the Star Wars movies! Star Wars Battle Pod is equipped with force feedback technologies to give players the sensation of acceleration, powerful explosions, as well as impacts from the destruction taking place around them.

Come into the Carlisle Sports Emporium to experience this awesome game-play in our Star Wars Battle Pod today!