Lazer Frenzy

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Our NEW Lazer Frenzy laser maze is an exciting new arcade-style laser maze attraction that is captivating the world with its high-tech interactive game play and its use of lasers, mirrors, haze, effects, and unique theming. Inside the Lazer Frenzy laser maze you will enjoy completing a variety of objectives while being surrounded by a web of laser beams you must navigate carefully just like in the spy movies to achieve the high score and complete your mission.

Our Steampunk Theme Lazer Frenzy offers 8 LED touch sensors to add to your interactive gameplay experience in your mission to climb through, under, & over the ultimate laser mission!

Lazer Frenzy has been proven to be a great new attraction that challenges all age groups and an excellent optional add-on for birthday party packages.


Spy mission logo for laser beam maze

Spy Mission

The object of this mission is to have the player weave over and under a maze of laser beams to the end of the room and back while touching light panels for additional points. Breaking a laser beam will result in the deduction of points. Speed is also a factor as players that navigate through the maze quickly will achieve higher scores.

Team spy mission logo for team laser maze

Team Spy Mission

The object of this mission is to have two players work together to maneuver through the laser beams to reach the end of the room and back. Both players have to touch the light panels at the same time to achieve the mission objective.

Beam breaker logo for speed laser maze

Beam Breaker

This mission is a high intensity version of the Spy Mission. Quickness and agility are the keys to success in this mission where the player has to jump and crawl over the ever-changing laser beams to chase the moving light panels. As soon as a light panel is touched, another panel lights up and the player will have to quickly navigate through the laser beams to touch that panel.

Beam dodger logo for breaking the laser beams

Beam Dodger

This mission takes the traditional laser maze concept and completely changes it. Instead of avoiding the laser beams, this mission will have players breaking the laser beams! Use whatever means necessary to break the laser beams while touching the light panels to activate a fresh set of laser beams.

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