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When writing a review, we greatly appreciate any helpful information! Here’s an example of an awesome review we just received on Trip Advisor: (Thank you to the reviewer! Glad you were able to feel like a kid again during your visit!)

“Being a kid again!”
5 of 5 stars
“My husband and I felt like being big kids; this was a good place for it! We went on a Friday, while kids were still in school. Bought a package that included 1 go kart ride, 1 miniature golf course, some $ on a game card (for the arcade) and your choice of either another go kart ride or a 2nd miniature golf. There are 2 go kart tracks, one indoor, one outdoor. We did the outdoor one twice; the indoor one was just a circle, the outdoor one was a couple of loops intertwined. Enjoyed ourselves a lot. Staff was very friendly.”