What is Laser Tag?

LASERTRON Laser Tag is an interactive experience that surpasses a simple video game. In fact, it is quite dynamic as players move from level to level, dodge pillars and race through opponent territory to attack enemy bases. This makes laser tag both a physical and mental challenge.


After picking a unique codename by which you will be identified throughout the game, players watch an instructional video and receive rules and regulations from the laser tag referee. Next up is the vesting stage, in which all players are equipped with their appropriate vest and phaser. Then, the four, six-minute games of pure action and fun begin.

Players are able to tag their opponents in four spots on the vest as well as two sides of the phaser. However, their overall objective is to defend their three team bases and attack the opponent’s three team bases. Players accumulate hundreds of points by tagging their opponent’s bases. The secret to success is to coordinate offensive and defensive strategies. Whoever does this the best and therefore scores the most points wins. By working together to defend your base and attacking the enemy base to score points, laser tag has the ability to be a great teambuilding activity!

Following this 40-minute session, players are able to collect their personalized score sheets detailing their performance during the session. Lasertron, laser tag is fun and competitive for both the novice and experienced laser tagger alike!

If you can’t get enough of LASERTRON laser tag with just one full session, try our double LASERTRON laser tag session! Consisting of two 40-minute sessions per person, this is guaranteed to be the best choice for thrilling fun. So what are you waiting for? Visit the Carlisle Sports Emporium today and experience the best laser tag in PA!

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