Go-kart FAQ’s

  • How fast are the Grand Prix Karts? – The Grand Prix karts are 17-18 MPH.
  • How fast are the Indoor Slick Karts? – The Slick karts go about 18 MPH. This is an oval track that requires breaking on the slides to avoid spinning out.
  • Can an adult drive a Rookie Kart? – Most adults can drive the go-kart, however; these karts have a body kit in them in order for kids 45″ or taller to reach the pedals, so adult’s knees may be up a little bit.
  • How long is a Go-kart Ride? – Each go-kart ride is 5 minutes.
  • Are there Passenger Karts? – Yes, there are passenger karts on our Grand Prix Track. You must be 18 years of age or older to drive a passenger and the passenger must be between 36″ – 54″ tall. Passengers must purchase a “passenger ticket.”
  • Do you have unlimited ride passes? – No, we do not have unlimited ride passes unless you rent the track out for an hour or more. We do offer a 6-ride package and a 10-ride package at a discounted rate.
  • Can two types of go-karts go on the same track at the same time? No, for safety reasons only 1 type of go-kart will run at a time on a single track.
  • What are the go-kart restrictions?

Grand Prix Go-karts

    • 58″ tall to drive alone
    • 18 years old to drive a passenger
    • 36″-57″ tall to ride as a passenger
      Outdoor Grand Prix
    Indoor FasTrack/Super Slick - Must be 16 years of age or older to drive
    Indoor Rookie Karts - 45" tall to drive; up to four karts run at a time




For more information on the go-karts, see http://www.carlislesportsemporium.com/attractions-go-karts-in-pa.php

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