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What's new at the Place to Play?

We love to keep things fresh, cutting-edge and state-of-the-art, here at The Carlisle Sports Emporium! Check out all of our latest attractions and equipment – And keep checking back for more of the latest news!

Our most recent additions and upgrades include our LED LASERTRON Laser Tag, the outdoor Grand Prix track, indoor and outdoor go-kart fleets; totaling 40 NEW go-karts, HOLOGATE VR, and of course the newest additions to the arcade. 


Suit Up for LASERTRON Laser Tag!

Are you looking for the best destination to play laser tag in PA?

You’ve found it!

The Carlisle Sports Emporium offers one of the most exciting laser tag experiences in Pennsylvania with our BRAND NEW two-tier LED LASERTRON Laser Tag indoor arena, which is the largest arena for kid-friendly and adult laser tag in Carlisle. Our laser tag arena encompasses 7,500 square feet and is the perfect spot for heart-pounding fun entertainment.

Lose yourself in the thrill of laser tag as you fold in behind enormous, glowing LED pillars and sectors, or sneak through foggy pathways to reach the opponents sector. Our LED DELUXE arena is equipped with high-def monitors, 5-individual power ups, 12 different game modes and allows up to 46 players per session, tagging each other and the 12 medallion wall targets. The high definition lighting and technology, intensifying fog and an exhilarating, upbeat soundtrack sets the tone.

Virtual Reality Gaming Center Comes to Carlisle Sports Emporium

Carlisle Sports Emporium is bringing the future to Carlisle with an immersive virtual reality experience like no other. The BRAND NEW 4-player HOLOGATE VR delivers an unmatched multiplayer experience, immersing you, your family and your friends into a variety of environments, testing your skills as you battle in player-versus-player (PvP) and player-versus-enemy (PvE) scenarios. Choose from FOUR different game modes SIMURAI, COLD CLASH, ZOMBYTE, GROOVE GUARDIANS and be ready for the new release of THE ANGRY BIRDS 2 MOVIE VR, WORLD OF TANKS VR and DAS BOOT VR.


Get your motor running on our BRAND NEW Outdoor Grand Prix Go-kart Track! Featuring 4 pit lanes, optimal turns and a brand new Grand Prix Pit Stop, enhancing the racing experience! The newly designed 1/4-mile track offers a new concrete-surface with a bridge overpass, now with even more turns and a new level of competitive racing that’s sure to enthuse drivers of all ages. 

Our BRAND NEW fleet of F-22’s race on our outdoor 1/4-mile Grand Prix track! Feel the speed of our brightly colored karts and enjoy the look of the LED headlights, brake lights, and under glow lights. These NEW karts will take your track experience to the next level!

Our BRAND NEW Screaming Eagle Go-Karts are designed for speed. A must try on our Indoor FasTrack for ages 16+! Power slide and drift through your turns as you race on the banked oval FasTrack!



NEW Arcade Games

Latest games! Over 20 new for 2017/2018! Our latest must-plays include:

Our latest crane game, Ticket Time, features a variety of ticket rolls in various values! Use the claw to pick up a ticket roll with the highest ticket amount! The game will scan the ticket amount that you won and immediately apply the tickets to your reloadable arcade card! Enjoy the chance of winning big on our beautifully LED lit Ticket Time Crane! WIN BIG at The Place to Play!

Arcade basketball is back and it’s better than ever! Race the clock with our new NBA Hoops! NBA Hoops advances the arcade basketball experience with it’s awesome new look and the latest technology. Test your shooting skills by scoring as many points as possible before the timer runs out! We have two brand new NBA Hoops basketball games, side by side, so you can take on your friends to see who the ultimate baller is. This renewed gameplay features a moving hoop, different rounds of game play, a basketball themed ramp, real basketballs, a “swish” feature that allows more points for not hitting the time, and a new sound package to replicate the feeling of real court play!



Halo is now in arcade form and is set to be a game changer! Halo: Fireteam Raven is an arcade version of Microsoft’s popular first-person shooter, with just a swipe of your Reloadable Play Card you can enter into the original Halo: Combat Evolved. Fight alongside Master Chief and the UNSC against Covenant forces, destroying covenant enemies, vehicles, and spaceships.

You and up to three others will man four turret-mounted machine guns, and be able to use original guns like the Needler and vehicles like the classic Warthog. Gamers can even scan a QR code to connect their arcade gameplay with the online Halo Waypoint service.

The new highly entertaining DC Superheroes arcade game is a Token + Card Pusher Arcade Game which the players try to press the “shoot” button to rotate the large wheel on the back wall of the cabinet and drop a token through a peg maze. If the player times it just right they can get the token through the “Bonus Drop” area of the maze which will stop the bonus spinner above it and will drop bonus tokens or cards onto the playfield in order for players to collect cards and win tickets!


Come on over for our brand new, state of the art batting cages! Whether you’re looking to practice as a team or for individual practice, we are the place to go! Our new batting cages offer variable heights and variable speeds at the different cages, offering a wide variety of options to take your batting practice to a whole new level! (Various speeds range from 40-70 MPH) Take a swing at any of our brand-new pitching machines today!

Beautifully Landscaped Mini Golf for Lancaster and Beyond

Submerse yourself in the sights, sounds and fun of our beautifully landscaped miniature golf-courses. The pristine ponds, flowing fountains and cascading waterfalls, begin each course. Following the water is the mysterious cave. Our brand-new greens include themed structures such as a Castle, a General Store, Water Wheel, and Liberty Bell.


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We love to keep things cutting-edge here at The Carlisle Sports Emporium! Check out all of our latest attractions and equipment – And keep checking back for more of the latest news!

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