Go-Kart FAQ’s

Go-Kart Frequently Asked Questions

At Carlisle Sports Emporium we want all our guests to experience the thrills and fun of racing at our indoor and outdoor go-kart racing tracks. Here are a few of the most common questions. Don’t see the question that’s on your mind? Call us at 717-258-4741! 

Q: How long is a race?

A: A go-kart race lasts 5 minutes

Q: Can anyone drive a go-kart?

A: We do have height requirement depending on the go-kart type and track:
Our Indoor Rookie Karts have a minimum height requirement of 45” (3’9”), and a height maximum of 57” (4’9”). Our Outdoor Grand Prix Go-karts have a height requirement of 58” (4’10” and up). Our Super Slick Go-karts have a height requirement of 58” (4’10” and up) and require drivers to be 16 years or older with a photo ID.

Q: Can my child ride with me during the race?

A: Yes! We do require the driver to be at least 58” (4’10”) tall, and 18 years or older to drive with a passenger. The passenger must be at least 36” (3ft) and maximum 57” (4’9”). The driver of a passenger must be 58” & 18 years or older to drive a passenger. 

Q: What type of go-karts do you have?

A: Carlisle Sports Emporium uses gas powered go-karts. Our Outdoor Grand Prix Go-Karts are the F-22’s, Indoor Go-karts are the Screamin’ Eagles, and the Indoor Rookie Go-Karts are the Talons.

Q: How fast do the karts go?

A: Both the Indoor & Outdoor Go-karts have the same horsepower engine and reach 15-18 mph, however, the Indoor Screamin’ Eagles have a unique turning radius and distinct axel enabling drifting around the oval banked slick track.

Q: How many drivers race at a time?

A: The Grand Prix and the Super Slick tracks race up to 10 drivers per heat. The Indoor Rookie Talon Go-karts race up to 8 drivers per heat.

Q: What should I wear for a go-kart race?

A: There are no specific clothing or shoe requirements. We do suggest removing hats or anything that could fall off during a race.

Q: What if it’s raining?

A: If there is inclement weather we do not run races on our outdoor go-kart tracks, however we do offer an indoor track to enjoy rain or shine!

Q: Can I rent the go-kart track?

A: Yes! We do offer the ability to rent out our track for private events. Want to learn more? Call us at 717-258-4741 to get more information!