Arcade FAQ’s

Arcade Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need tokens to play games?

Our arcade runs on a reloadable play card, which can be purchased at one of our point of sale registers or at a self-service kiosk. 

Q: How much do games cost?

On average the games cost about $1.00. Carlisle Sports Emporium is one of the only locations in Pennsylvania that offers the 4-player HOLOGATE Virtual Reality in the arcade. Each play is $10 per person.

Q: How many games do you have?

Our 20,000 square foot arcade boasts over 125 arcade games to choose from.

Q: What types of arcade games do you have?

We really do have something for everyone! We have carnival classics like ski-ball, crane games and coin pushers, racing and driving games to compete with friends, plus we have top of the line pinball machines and even a rock wall!