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Virtual Reality Gaming Center Comes to Carlisle Sports Emporium

Carlisle Sports Emporium is bringing the future of fun things to do in York, PA and surrounding areas with a virtual reality experience to our place to play. This new virtual reality gaming center from Hologate Studios will deliver an unmatched multiplayer experience, immersing you, your family, and your friends into a variety of environments that test your skills as you battle in player-versus-player (PvP) and player-versus-enemy (PvE) scenarios.

How Does VR Work?

In the past few years, a number of companies have created VR headsets that can be used with gaming consoles and even cellphones. The idea behind each virtual reality gaming technology is to provide an immersive environment by tracking your head, eye, hand, and body movements, along with controller inputs, through an expansive view. The resulting picture makes you feel like you’re a part of the world displayed through your VR headset or goggles. If you’ve been wondering, “What are some unique things to do near me in York, PA?” then you should try our cutting-edge VR technology.

A few factors are critical in the function of a VR system and include:

  • FPS: The frames per second (FPS) creates a seamless virtual reality experience and prevents motion sickness. The minimum is 60 FPS.
  • Latency: The lag or latency describes the delay in reading your motions or movements by the VR system. The ideal latency is 50 milliseconds or less.

Our virtual reality system with Hologate offers 90 FPS, as well as a 2K resolution offering minimal latency.

How to Play the Hologate Virtual Reality System

The four-person game invites you to square off against opponents in a struggle of epic proportions. If you’re looking for interesting things to do in York, PA, then stop by for a virtual adventure. Slide on the headset, grab your VR blaster and get ready for some serious fun.

The Hologate system features:

  • 5-minute games
  • Active physical play
  • High-end headsets

The company tested the experience to ensure those who often experience motion sickness will have a pleasant experience, and they found that no one gets dizzy after playing this game. Players praise its realistic graphics, intense atmosphere, and imaginative twists. Whether you’re a serious gamer or someone just looking to blow off steam after a long week at work, this VR game will give you what you want. When you find yourself thinking, “What are some things to do near me in York, PA”, check out our virtual reality systems!

How Is a Virtual Reality Gaming Center Different From VR for Consoles and Smartphones?

The technology behind a virtual reality gaming center puts it above the virtual reality gaming systems available for smartphones and consoles. The weakness of smartphone virtual reality experiences is the lack of audio and hand tracking. Instead, it’s a virtual reality experience that only focuses on your eye and head movements, which cuts into your immersion and makes you a spectator.

For most console systems, the drawback is latency when responding to your hand movements. Many of the competitors, for example, carry a frequent complaint of high latency or delayed responses. That removes you from the moment you’re experiencing, and it’s also a delay that could lead to your character dying — one of the most frustrating experiences for gamers.

The reality gaming center from Hologate does away with those negative experiences by integrating leading VR technologies. When you visit Carlisle Sports Emporium, you will enjoy one of the newest VR experiences in South Central PA.

Try the Virtual Reality Experience at Carlisle Sports Emporium

If you’ve been thinking, “Where can I find innovative things to do near me in York, PA?” then Carlisle Sports Emporium is your place to play in Central PA. With the NEW addition of VR gaming, this is the go-to place for exhilarating experiences. This addition is just another reason to visit our 70,000-square-foot mega-plex of interactive fun!

Discover the thrills and immersion of virtual reality at the best arcade in PA by visiting the Carlisle Sports Emporium today.

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$9 per play

$16 for 2 plays

$28 for 4 plays (Each play is 5 minutes)

Game Modes:

  • ZOMBYTE (must be 13 years or older)

*Must be 45″ or taller to play.

Perfect for:

  • Corporate team building
  • Youth groups & other gatherings
  • Birthday party add-ons
  • Bachelor/Bachelorette parties

Game Modes Continued:


Whitney Bledsoe

Customer Service was great! My first time there and my son and I had a blast! 🙂 We can’t wait to go back!... Read more

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There is a lot to do here. My daughter goes roller skating here often. It is always neat, clean and safe for kids. Cart tracks are fun. Lots of video ... Read more

Sara Pardey

My cousin and I went roller skating at the rink here for old time sake. It was a blast! Will definitely be back for the rink and the go-karts.... Read more
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... We can't wait to go back!

There is a lot to do here.

It was a blast! Will definitely be back...

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