Tips to Improve Your Company Culture This Year

Tips to Improve Your Company Culture This Year

Company culture — it’s more than a buzzword. In fact, the culture your business promotes has an enormous impact on employee happiness, retention and performance, as well as the kind of candidates you attract. The beginning of a new year is an excellent time to start new programs to improve your company culture and reap those benefits.

To get started, try these seven tips for boosting your company culture.

  1. Build Employee Relationships

Communication is one of the most critical components to success. If staff members are isolated from one another, it can lead to less-than-stellar communication skills and even lower employee engagement. Encourage interactions between team members and assess what changes you can make to increase discussions. To break the ice, try an out-of-the-box team-building activity, like mini-golf.

  1. Recognize Employee Accomplishments

Many employees want recognition, but few receive it. While it can be a challenge depending on your company’s size, it’s an excellent way to improve company culture and employee initiative. Build a reward system for your team, such as for reaching certain sales milestones. Make sure you give successful staff more than a thumbs-up or shout-out — try gift cards, gift baskets or another item. For more ideas, send out surveys to employees.

  1. Set Company-Wide Goals and Rewards

Celebrating the achievements of your business not only brings team members together, but also highlights their role in your company’s success. For many employees, making them a part of company-wide goals and accomplishments boosts their productivity and investment in your organization. Start the year by setting an overall goal, as well as mini-quarterly ones. Offer must-have prizes for the whole team, such as a day of racing go-karts.

  1. Offer Informal Learning Opportunities

Did you know 90 percent of what your employees learn comes from non-formal training? That’s why it’s an excellent idea to offer informal learning opportunities for your team — you’ll not only improve their skills, but also improve your company culture. Examples of non-formal learning options include team-building activities, hands-on experiences and more. Since employees are always gaining first-hand experience, aim for team-building.

  1. Provide Year-Round Employee Feedback

A company culture idea that’s often overlooked is performance reviews. For many companies, it’s common to assess employees once or twice a year. You want to up that number, whether by introducing reviews every quarter or training team leaders to provide consistent feedback more often. By taking this step, you’re helping employees match your company culture, such as by highlighting their collaboration with another staff member.

  1. Introduce Gamification

Gamification is a new trend among businesses, as well as a favorite suggestion for how to improve corporate culture. The idea behind it is that you add a game-like skin to the workplace, such as your company-wide goals or employee accomplishments. Create a leaderboard, for example, to show which team members are contributing the most to your annual goals. Or, host a team-building activity built on group games, like laser tag.

  1. Introduce Employee Perks

For staff, there is no better company culture idea than employee perks. Not only do they boost your company image, which can attract top-notch candidates, but they also promote retention — and that can lower your company’s turnover costs. Before introducing employee perks, ask your team what they’d love for the office. As you expand your line of bonuses, consider offering them as a reward for achieving this year’s company-wide goals.

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Unique Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Unique Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Any store you walk into shouts that Valentine’s Day is coming up… and it will be here before you know it! While flowers and chocolates are lovely gifts, you’re ready to step up your game this Valentine’s Day for that special someone. If you’re looking for creative Valentine’s Day ideas to start your planning, we have some for you.

Check out our seven unique ideas for this year’s Valentine’s Day date.

  1. Help a Local Charity

If your significant other loves to give back, consider helping a local charity. You could donate funds in their name, or sign up to volunteer at a humane society, soup kitchen or other organization with them. If your partner loves cats and dogs, give yourself some bonus points by choosing an animal shelter.

  1. Visit a Nearby Arcade

The day doesn’t have to end after cuddling with kittens and puppies. If you’re both fans of video games, you’ll love this fun Valentine’s date idea. Head to your local arcade, load up an arcade card and play with your date until closing time. Cash in your tickets for a fun souvenir to remember your date.

  1. Binge-Watch a Netflix Series

Snow. Ice. Sleet. Maybe tonight’s dinner reservations are a no-go. Need a last-minute date idea for Valentine’s? Turn to Netflix. Find you and your date’s favorite series or movie — or the show you’ve both been dying to watch — and hit play. Whip up some snacks to go with your binge-watching, order a pizza or put together a quick dinner yourselves.

  1. Plan a Weekend Trip

Whether you’re from New York, New Jersey or Maryland, it’s easy to plan a weekend trip to a neighboring state, like Pennsylvania. Plus, it’s a memorable and creative Valentine’s Day idea — just make sure you coordinate with your date on it. If you make the trip to central Pennsylvania, there is plenty to do in the winter, too.

  1. Hit a Racetrack

Is your date a speed demon? If you’re ready to splurge, think about signing them up for a sports car driving experience. You can also take a more wallet-friendly approach with a trip to a go-kart racetrack — and don’t worry about whether they’ll enjoy it, or you’ll miss them lining up to go again.

  1. Take a Skydiving Lesson

Skydiving is what you’d call a bold and unique Valentine’s date idea. For daredevils and thrill-seekers, however, it’s the perfect way to celebrate. With videos and photos, you can also catalog the whole experience and share it with family and friends.

  1. Create a Spa Day

Everyone needs a day of relaxation, including you and your date. Heading to the spa for a day of pampering is a Valentine’s date idea so rewarding it may become a tradition. If you want a more unique idea for Valentine’s Day, create a homemade spa package for your significant other.

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Ways to Improve Your Life in the New Year

Ways to Improve Your Life in the New Year

We all know it from experience — New Year’s resolutions are hard to keep. When you’re committed to your cause, though, you can make lasting changes that will improve your day-to-day life. Plus, it’ll give you an entertaining story to tell at your next New Year’s Eve party.

What are some goals you can set this year? We’ll get you started with five ideas for self-improvement in 2018.

  1. Get Quality Sleep

Never underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep. Instead of waking up and bargaining with yourself for another five minutes, you wake up refreshed and ready to go when you’ve had a quality snooze. To get started on this goal, aim for eight to 10 hours of sleep each night — and put away your smartphone and tablet at least an hour before bed. If you work the night shift, buy some light-blocking curtains to help you sleep through the day.

  1. Say Goodbye to Time-Wasting Apps

Another thing you can do to better yourself and your quality of sleep? Delete those time-wasting apps from your devices. You know which ones we’re talking about, from the social media to the gaming apps, it’s too easy to give yourself five minutes to play and find yourself ravaging a village in “Clash of Clans” a half hour later. So, say goodbye and direct that time to other goals.

  1. Make Time for Family and Friends

It seems that no matter the time of year, it’s busy. Setting aside time for your friends and family, however, lets you surround yourself with the people who matter most in your life — and you don’t have to do that over a dinner table. Make it fun for everyone. Play a round of mini-golf, zoom around a go-kart track or cruise around on roller skates. To start achieving this goal, aim to meet up at least once a month, then try to see them even more!

  1. Commit to Healthier Living

It’s probably one of the most common resolutions you can make, but adopting a healthy lifestyle is one of the best things you can do to better yourself. Healthy choices have substantial, long-term impacts, from boosting your energy to improving your overall well-being. To start, focus on your diet and exercise, such as by adding fruit to your cereal or walking around your neighborhood once a day. You could even team up with friends for some fast-paced laser tag.

  1. Create New Experiences

Experiences are often more rewarding than items. Sure, that new 4K television is beyond amazing, but it’s been how many years since that trip to Disney World, and you and the kids are still talking about it. While taking another trip to Disney would be fantastic, you don’t have to rush to the airport for this goal. Instead, find local ways to create new memories, like by hitting up the batting cages or checking out a nearby festival.

Achieve Your Goals at Carlisle Sports Emporium

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Fun in Cumberland Valley

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10 Favorite Winter Attractions in PA

10 Favorite Winter Attractions in PA

With the arrival of winter comes all new kinds of events and entertainment to Central Pennsylvania. Whether you’re looking for a winter weekend getaway in PA or an afternoon out, you’ll find tons of activities that’ll bring the holiday season to life.

Get started on your winter plans with our 10 favorite winter attractions in PA:

  1. Roundtop Mountain Resort

If you’re looking for some thrilling outdoor adventures, make Roundtop Mountain Resort a priority. With its picturesque setting in Lewisberry, PA and winter activities for adults and kids, it’s a go-to spot for family fun. Go tubing down the mountainside or take some skiing and snowboarding lessons before hitting the slopes.

  1. Carlisle Ice Art Fest

A new winter attraction to arrive in PA is the Carlisle Ice Art Fest, which started in 2017. This year, the weekend festivities last from February 9 to February 11, 2018. During the event, stop in for a drink at the Ice Bar and watch live ice sculpture carvings, blown glass demonstrations and live music performances.

  1. Rothman Ice Rink

The Rothman Ice Rink is a must-see for winter weekend getaways in PA’s “City of Brotherly Love.” You’ll find this ice rink in the heart of Philadelphia, PA, which means it’s close to Independence Hall, America’s Garden Capital Maze and the Benjamin Franklin Museum. And don’t worry about bringing a pair of skates, you can rent them for you and your kids. The Rothman Cabin, located at the rink, also offers hot meals and drinks to keep the fun going.

  1. Pocono Manor Resort and Spa

If you’re looking for things to do in the winter that appeal to everyone in your family or friend group, consider taking a trip to the Pocono Manor Resort and Spa. Whether you want an invigorating spa treatment or a relaxing day spent ice fishing, this resort in the Poconos delivers. Additional winter attractions at this PA hotspot include thrilling dog sledding tours, snowmobiling, cross-country skiing and more.

  1. Longwood Gardens

If you love gardens, fountains, holiday decorations and festive winter music, put Longwood Gardens at the top of your list for things to do in Pennsylvania during the winter. While open year-round, Longwood Gardens revamps its expansive botanical gardens and conservatory each year with an elegant and traditional holiday theme that’s picture perfect.

  1. PA Grand Canyon

Also known as the Pine Creek Gorge, this winter attraction in PA is an awesome choice if you love the outdoors. It begins in Wellington, PA and ends in Waterford, PA, giving you multiple opportunities to go snowshoeing, hiking, skiing and snowmobiling. You can also head up to the observation tower for a stunning panoramic view of the area.

  1. Shady Brook Farm

More than three million lights illuminate Shady Brook Farm, which hosts a farmer’s market and other events throughout the year in Yardley, PA. The farm’s awe-inspiring light decorations, which include the Statue of Liberty and the Grinch, stretch across two miles. You can drive through the trail, plus your kids — and pets — can visit with Santa.

  1. Polar Bear Plunge

The Polar Bear Plunge is certainly a winter attraction in PA, but this event also supports local Special Olympics athletes. At this event, you’re welcomed to come and watch Plungers take a dive into chilly waters, as well as sponsor a team of Plungers. If you’re not feeling up to standing out in the cold, you can always warm up with a game of laser tag and check out the reaction photos later.

  1. Punxsutawney Phil

Love Groundhog Day? Then you don’t want to miss this top winter attraction in PA. Thousands of people visit Gobbler’s Knob in Punxsutawney, PA each year to see the famed Phil make his prediction. As the town offers a range of activities, from visiting Phil’s Burrow to hiking Gobbler’s Knob Trail, you may want to make your trip to PA a winter weekend getaway.

  1. Fire and Ice Festival

If you want to see some ice sculptures before the Carlisle Ice Fest — and don’t mind traveling a bit outside Central PA — consider adding the Fire and Ice Festival in Somerset, PA to your list of things to in Pennsylvania this winter. The event lasts from January 12 to 14, 2018 and features the work of international ice carvers, as well as fireworks and fire jugglers.

Make Carlisle Sports Emporium Your PA Winter Weekend Getaway

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7 Awesome Things to Do Over Winter Break

7 Awesome Things to Do Over Winter Break

Winter may lack the bright, sunny weather of summer, but that doesn’t mean you have to waste your winter break binge-watching Netflix — ok, maybe finish Stranger Things first, but then it’s time to find some fun things to do in the winter with your friends.

To get you started, here are seven awesome things to do over winter break:

  1. Go Snow Tubing, Skiing or Snowboarding

Tons of places in Central Pennsylvania offer snow tubing, skiing and snowboarding. Places you can go to include Roundtop Mountain Resort, Avalanche Xpress and Bear Creek Mountain Resort. If you’re not up-to-speed on skiing or snowboarding, many of these resorts offer low-cost lessons that you and your friends can take advantage of this year.

  1. Host a Video Game Tournament

If you and your friends are fans of video games, then add this to your list of things to do over winter break. Create a tournament for your favorite games, from Overwatch and Call of Duty to Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros. While some games, like Super Smash Bros., support a tournament mode, you may have to get creative with other games. Either way, you’re bound to have a good time.

  1. Volunteer at Local Food Pantries, Churches or Soup Kitchens

It’s the season of giving, and giving back to your local community is a great way to get into the holiday spirit. With friends or family, volunteer to help at your local food pantry, church or soup kitchen. Another way to give back, as well as clean your room, is to donate items you don’t need anymore, such as old clothes, games or shoes that no longer fit.

  1. Build a Gingerbread Village

Another suggestion for what to do during your winter break? Build a gingerbread village! Post-Christmas, it’s easy to find gingerbread house kits on sale, which makes this activity affordable and fun — it’s a bit like LEGO, but without the risk of stepping on them. Invite your friends over for some additional thrills and laughs as you bring your gingerbread city to life.

  1. Visit a Christmas Light Show

Maybe you’ve already checked seeing a Christmas light show off your list of things to do over winter break, but if you haven’t, it’s one of our top things to do in the winter with your friends. Lots of places in Central Pennsylvania, like Longwood Gardens, Koziars Christmas Village and Shady Brook Farm, host stunning light shows.

  1. Get Wet at an Indoor Water Park

Desperate for summer to return? Lucky for you, a few places in Central Pennsylvania let you experience summer over your winter break. Make a day trip with your friends to Lancaster’s Caribbean Indoor Waterpark or head up to H2Oooohh! Indoor Waterpark in Lake Harmony, PA for an exhilarating time in wave pools, multi-story slides and more.

  1. Plan a Spring Break Getaway

If you’re interested in getting away this spring break, think about planning a trip this winter, whether to the New Jersey, Florida or California coastlines. For seafood lovers, though, you might want to consider going to New England for some fresh lobster and awe-inspiring whale watching.

Level up Your Winter Break Fun With Carlisle Sports Emporium

Still looking for interesting things to do this winter with your friends? At Carlisle Sports Emporium, we offer a massive selection of arcade games, from Mario Kart to Star Wars – Grab your friends and head in for the ultimate arcade tournament. Carlisle Sports Emporium also offers an exciting laser tag arena, indoor & outdoor go-kart tracks, roller skating, and miniature golf that’ll have your heart pumping this season! Plan a parents vs. kids game of LASERTRON and then hit the go-karts for some serious FUN!

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How to Avoid Holiday Stress

How to Avoid Holiday Stress

While the holidays can be filled with cheer, they can also be filled with all types of stress. From finding and wrapping gifts to preparing and cooking a family dinner, it’s easy to become a bit frazzled during the holiday season. So, how can you make the most wonderful time of year stress-free?

Try these eight tips for avoiding holiday stress:

  1. Smell Some Citrus

While cinnamon and peppermint may be everywhere this season, citrus is the better holiday stress reliever. Studies show that citrus scents can lower your stress levels and give a boost to your mood and self-esteem.

  1. Create a Routine

When the winter festivities begin, it’s easy for holiday activities and events to throw off your routine. This season, lower your holiday stress by sticking to your routine as much as possible, whether it’s working out every Wednesday or making a meal at home on Sundays. Then try to add in holiday activities where possible, such as meeting up with visiting family.

  1. Get Some Exercise

Exercise is another excellent reliever for holiday stress. It’s terrific for giving your mood a boost, as well as increasing your energy levels. And the best part is, you don’t have to hit the gym. You might consider walking around your neighborhood to see some holiday lights or taking on family and friends for a round of indoor laser tag.

  1. Embrace More Laughter

One of the best tips for holiday stress relief is laughing more. If you have a favorite comedy show or funny Christmas movie, enjoy it with friends or family. With some laughter in your schedule, you’ll lower those rising stress levels.

  1. Treat Yourself

A time-tested holiday stress reliever is treating yourself. Give yourself a gift, whether by reading a good book, hitting the arcade, visiting a local spa or purchasing that brand-new video game you’ve been eyeing. With some “me time,” you’ll take your holiday stress down a notch.

  1. Stick to Non-Sweets

Treats, stress and the holidays often go hand-in-hand. While its ok to have a few sweets here and there, having a lot or eating them in place of regular meals can leave you experiencing sugar crashes and low energy. That doesn’t help with your stress levels, especially if you’re overseeing this year’s family gathering.

  1. Change the Pace

A lot of times, holiday stress comes from seeing what everyone else is doing. Whether they’re decorating or planning for the holidays, it can make you feel like you’ve fallen behind and push you to move at breakneck speeds to wrap presents, set up lights and decorate a tree — and what fun is that? Go at your own pace and don’t worry about what everyone else is up to.

  1. Host a Game Night

If you’re looking to laugh and get your heart pumping, consider setting up a game night for you, some friends and family. And to take off the stress of planning the event, go out for the evening. You can play arcade games or cruise around in go-karts, for instance, without worrying about setting up a game table or making a meal.

Melt Away Your Holiday Stress at Carlisle Sports Emporium

Ready to say goodbye to your holiday stress and hello to holiday cheer? At Carlisle Sports Emporium, we’re your stress-free gaming oasis! With our 20,000 square-foot arcade, as well as exciting go-kart tracks, themed mini golf, laser tag arena and roller skating rink, we are “The Place to Play.”


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Tips for Planning a Fun and Productive Holiday Team-Building Event

Tips for Planning a Fun and Productive Holiday Team-Building Event

With the holidays right around the corner, what better time to bring your team together than now? Holiday team-building events that are fun and productive not only help you close the year on a positive note, but they also help to start the new year on one. How do you go about planning team-building activities that hit a home run, though?

Find out with our 10 tips for planning awesome team-building activities for the holidays:

  1. Focus on a Single Goal

Your team-building event’s foundation is crucial. That’s why it’s essential to narrow your event’s purpose to a single goal. Focusing on too many leaves your event inflated and ineffective as you’re overwhelming your teams with information — and right before the holidays, too. Keep it simple and tackle one goal at a time.

  1. Hold the Event Offsite

Offsite team-building activities for workplaces are more effective than ones held at your company. When you host events onsite, participants tend to feel more like employees, which can limit them in opening their mind to new ideas. Another risk of an onsite team-building event is interruptions from the rest of the workplace, especially during the hubbub of holiday parties from other departments or floors.

  1. Ask Teams What They Want

Low participation numbers can deflate any team-building activity. One way to encourage attendance is by asking people what they want to do. Come up with a few offsite team-building ideas and run them by your team. If they aren’t crazy about an idea, like creating Ugly Christmas Sweaters, ask why. Do the same for ideas that do excite them, like a holiday round of laser tag. Their answers will help you plan not only this event, but future ones, too.

  1. Choose an Appropriate Activity

A team-building event tip that coincides with talking to your team is finding an activity that’s suitable. An event at a winery or brewery, for instance, may not appeal to everyone if some participants refrain from alcohol. Planning an activity that’s more Christmas-orientated can also leave team members alienated if they celebrate another holiday, like Hanukkah. Think about your team’s age range, as well as their preferences, when brainstorming activity ideas.

  1. Create Small Team Sizes

Just like keeping your goal simple, you want to do the same with your team sizes. While planning team-building activities, divide your groups into six to 10 people at most — for additional fun, ask them to come up with a winter-themed team name. With these group sizes, you should have enough people for all the necessary activity roles. What’s the risk of too many in a group? It makes it easy for people to check out of the event and hit the eggnog.

  1. Provide Prizes

You don’t have to give away cars like Oprah or a total vacation package when it comes to a prize bag. Just bring some small prizes, like $25 gift cards or even some self-help books that coordinate with your team-building event’s mission. You could even give out gifts that have more of a winter feel, like hot cocoa, gloves, hats or ice scrapers. With prizes, you’ll warm team members up to following through and attending your offsite event this season.

  1. Encourage Participation

While you’re coming up with offsite team-building ideas, think about how you’ll keep your teams informed, excited and reminded about your event. Create posters, send out automatic reminder emails, dress up a bulletin board or even host a meeting to keep participants involved and excited. Since it’s during the holidays, you may have some competition when it comes to announcements, so make your messages stand out from the sea of red and green.

  1. Take Photos or Videos

Photos and videos are an awesome way to remind teams about what they learned and what they accomplished. So, remember to bring a camera — or your phone — to go around and take photos and videos throughout the day to share later. You could even bring some quirky winter props like light-up holiday necklaces, reindeer headbands or carrot noses to add some more merriment. And if your team isn’t keen on posing with props, don’t sweat it.

  1. Set Post-Event Goals

Bring your team-building event full circle by setting post-event goals, either before or after the holidays. Schedule some follow-up meetings for the new year to talk about the goals you set and how everyone’s now working to meet them. It’s also the perfect time for participants to ask questions or even get a refresher on the goals they began working toward before the holidays.

  1. Get Feedback

During your follow-up meetings, you can also get feedback on your event. Consider sending out a survey that guarantees anonymity, and then use those responses in planning your next team-building activity. Did your team enjoy an event during the holidays? Why or why not? It’s a great question to ask as you move forward. You can even ask what they’d like to see next year.

Plan Your Next Holiday Team-Building Event at the Place to Play

Want to plan an exciting team-building event this holiday season? How about one with batting cages, laser tag, go-karts and so much more? At Carlisle Sports Emporium, we not only provide team-building activities that keep participants on their toes, but we also offer dining and catering, as well as the experience that comes with hosting numerous team-building events both during and after the holidays.

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