Bean Bag Toss Arcade Game

Beat the timer by tossing the bean bags as quickly as possible in the moving holes to score the most points! The bean bags are on a sliding platform that moves and spits out the bean bag to the player for more tries.

Bring your corn hole skills to the CSE for the next level of corn hole gaming – Plus, win tickets while you’re at it!

Turn those points into tickets at our new Carnival Bean Bag Toss Arcade Game today!

Be a Winner in our Arcade with our Latest Crane Game!

Our latest crane game, Ticket Time, features a variety of ticket rolls in various values! Use the claw to pick up a ticket roll with the highest ticket amount! The game will scan the ticket amount that you won and immediately apply the tickets to your re-loadable arcade card! Enjoy the chance of winning big on our beautifully LED lit Ticket Time Crane!

WIN BIG at The Place to Play!

New FasTrack Go-karts at The Place to Play!

Our brand new Screaming Eagle Go-karts are a must-try on our indoor FasTrack! Glide through our slick track like an eagle while racing to first place! With a simple design and stylish accents, these go-karts allow you to power slide through your turns around the oval banked track in the new FasTrack Go-karts! Fly over to the Carlisle Sports Emporium today to try our NEW open design Screamin’ Eagle Go-karts!

Introducing DC Super Heroes Arcade Game!

This new highly entertaining DC Superheroes arcade game is a Token + Card Pusher Arcade Game which the players try to press the “shoot” button to rotate the large wheel on the back wall of the cabinet and drop a token through a peg maze. If the player times it just right they can get the token through the “Bonus Drop” area of the maze which will stop the bonus spinner above it and will drop bonus tokens or cards onto the playfield in order for players to collect cards and win tickets!

DC Superheroes arcade game features collectible game cards around the playfield, which players try to knock off the tray to collect points – There are (7) “Hero” cards for players to collect, including Batman, Superman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Green Lantern and The Flash which players can collect and turn in for a Hero Set Bonus. There are also (7) “Villain” cards for players to collect, including The Joker, Lex Luthor, Darkseid, Cheetah, The Penguin, Captain Cold and Harley Quinn which players can collect to turn in for a Villain Set Bonus. If players collect both the hero set bonus and the villain set bonus they can turn them in together for Super Card Bonus!

This great coin pusher s fun for all ages, and collectible cards keep players coming back again and again!

Our Latest Arcade Game Has Arrived! – Pop the Lock

Pop the Lock is a fast-paced game where players attempt to hit randomly appearing yellow dots around the circumference of the playfield. Hit the yellow dot and another one pops up. Great hand-eye coordination will aid players to skillfully hit all 50 dots to Pop the Lock for the Bonus! Pop the Lock is equipped with a continue feature that allows players to coin back up and continue where they left off!

Make it a Family Game Night at the Place to Play!

Do you love a good, family-fun competition? Are you looking for a way to mix up your family game night? With 20,000 square feet allocated to house over 100 electronic amusement games, Carlisle Sports Emporium offers a great opportunity for competitions in the latest arcade gaming!

Our arcade is the largest in the area and features an exciting blend of video games, simulation games, redemption games and skill games. You can race in the Daytona 500 or new Cruis’n Blast, compete for the highest score in basketball, attempt our carnival games for the chance to win the most tickets, show off your dance moves in Dance Dance Revolution, be the quickest and most efficient super spy in Lazer Frenzy, climb the highest on our Rock Wall, and take a turn at our Alley Bowler Skee Ball… just to name a few! Whatever your interest or ability level, we have arcade games that are sure to thrill anyone and to bring a new level to game night!

For more on our latest arcade games, check out

Company Events

Looking for the next place to host your team meeting or company outing? The Carlisle Sports Emporium offers team building exercises, delicious meal options, meeting spaces, & FUN for all types of group events and all ages!

Enjoy a team meeting like the following: (Or customize an event specifically to your team!)

Sample Team building Lay-out:

*Please note that this is just a sample. We are able to accommodate many different group schedules to meet your specific needs.

Corporate team building Sample:

Arrive at 10:30 AM – Enjoy pastries and Coffee to kick-start event.
Group plays laser tag for a team building exercise at 11:20 AM. (Brief at 11:00 AM)
Sales meeting over a catered lunch in our VIP Room from 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM.
Race your boss and co-workers on our indoor banked oval track from 1:30 PM – 2:30 PM.
Finish up sales meeting with refreshing slushies at 2:30 PM.
Depart at 3:00 PM.


Make your next event the BEST yet at the Carlisle Sports Emporium!

Give us a call today to get more information or to cater to your event at 717-258-4741!


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New Blackbeard’s Bounty Arcade Game!

Ahoy, Matey! Blackbeard’s Bounty has arrived at the Carlisle Sports Emporium!

Black Beard’s Bounty is a beautiful 6-player new generation pusher game that just joined the Carlisle Sports Emporium arcade!

The player receives a credit of tokens by swiping their re-loadable play card. Align the arm with the joystick to the desired position and launch the tokens by pressing the pushbutton. Rapid play is permitted by keeping the button pressed in.The suspense enhanced during the course of the game includes a bonus that yield between 5 and 50 extra tokens. Try to push as many points and cards off the playfield and get as many points as you can! Bring your friends to play this exciting new game today!

maxresdefault indexthumb_pushers_blackbeardbounty_2015 gameslide_pushers_blackbeardsbounty_2015

Space Invaders Frenzy Arcade Game

Space Invaders Frenzy is our latest game to join our award-winning arcade! Space Invaders Frenzy is an updated take on the original iconic arcade classic “Space Invaders.” The game features updated controls, dual cockpit seating, and ultra-powerful blasters with specialty lighting effects on a giant LED screen, making it a must-play! The object of the game is to shoot as many invader ships as possible while protecting your “cannons” at the bottom of the screen. You win tickets by accumulating as many points as possible before your cannons are destroyed. Points are accrued by shooting enemy invaders and bonus UFO Ships. If you reach the targeted score to beat, you’ll win the “Invader Bonus!” Come take on the invader ships at The Place to Play!

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Go-kart FAQ’s

  • How fast are the Grand Prix Karts? – The Grand Prix karts are 17-18 MPH.
  • How fast are the Indoor Slick Karts? – The Slick karts go about 18 MPH. This is an oval track that requires breaking on the slides to avoid spinning out.
  • Can an adult drive a Rookie Kart? – Most adults can drive the go-kart, however; these karts have a body kit in them in order for kids 45″ or taller to reach the pedals, so adult’s knees may be up a little bit.
  • How long is a Go-kart Ride? – Each go-kart ride is 5 minutes.
  • Are there Passenger Karts? – Yes, there are passenger karts on our Grand Prix Track. You must be 18 years of age or older to drive a passenger and the passenger must be between 36″ – 54″ tall. Passengers must purchase a “passenger ticket.”
  • Do you have unlimited ride passes? – No, we do not have unlimited ride passes unless you rent the track out for an hour or more. We do offer a 6-ride package and a 10-ride package at a discounted rate.
  • Can two types of go-karts go on the same track at the same time? No, for safety reasons only 1 type of go-kart will run at a time on a single track.
  • What are the go-kart restrictions?

Grand Prix Go-karts

    • 58″ tall to drive alone
    • 18 years old to drive a passenger
    • 36″-57″ tall to ride as a passenger
      Outdoor Grand Prix
    Indoor FasTrack/Super Slick - Must be 16 years of age or older to drive
    Indoor Rookie Karts - 45" tall to drive; up to four karts run at a time




For more information on the go-karts, see

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