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8 Health Benefits of Roller Skating

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For decades, roller skating has been considered just a fun, laid-back activity. Yet the act of whizzing around on wheels actually has some serious health benefits. This may come as a pleasant surprise, particularly for adults tired of the same-old, same-old types of workout.

If you’re someone who loves to roller skate or wants to add a new option to your fitness routine, read over some of these great reasons to take up roller skating.

1. Give Your Knees and Joints a Break

The low-impact nature of roller skating will allow your joints to get a much-needed break from pounding. Walking, jogging and running can take its toll on the body. However, roller skating requires fluid, almost dance-like movements that create far less wear and tear on your hips and knees, among other body parts.

2. Use Plenty of Muscles

Although you might assume that the wheels on your skates do most of the work, the gliding motion necessitates working tons of muscles. Obviously, the most frequently used muscles are in your legs. Yet other muscles are engaged as well — including those in your abdomen and back — which makes roller skating a surprisingly all-over body workout.

3. Chew up Those Calories

Though you may just love the way it feels to get in better shape, you no doubt also appreciate burning up calories. Roller skating can help you use up more calories each day. In fact, vigorous roller skating can carve away about as many calories as a moderate aerobic exercise. Want more of a burn? Go faster and with more intensity.

4. Give Your Mood a Boost

True, the physical advantages to roller skating may be enough to get you moving. However, you should never overlook the mental upshots. Like all cardio exercise, roller skating improves blood circulation and encourages the creation of feel-good endorphins. Feeling down? Strap on those skates and head to the nearest indoor roller skating rink.

5. Spend Time With the Kids

Do you feel like it gets harder and harder to find activities to do with your kids? Roller skating will allow you to experience some excitement with your whole family. The time you spend bonding with your loved ones will create wonderful memories that enhance your communication skills and break down age barriers.

6. Improve Your Balance

When you have a better sense of balance, you reduce your risk of falling and hurting yourself. Roller skating will cause you to gradually gain a better sense of physical balance, allowing you to feel more confident in other situations where balance is an asset.

7. Cross-Train Your Body

After years of doing the same workout, your body craves novelty. Cross-train like a pro by introducing roller skating into your fitness regimen. You may be shocked at how easily and quickly roller skating can bring you out of a workout rut.

8. Find Your Next Athletic Team

As a final note about roller skating, remember that some people prefer to roller skate in teams. If you’ve wanted to join a fitness-focused group, you may discover that roller skating presents itself as a wonderful social and athletic experience.

Get those roller skates on and enjoy the various health benefits of roller skating indoors or outdoors!