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Business Team Building Activities for Winter

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Do you want to give your employees the advantages that come from corporate team building? You don’t have to wait until the weather gets warmer. In fact, winter can present perfect opportunities for you to engage in a plethora of outdoor and indoor team building events and excursions.

Instead of making everyone wait for warmer winds, why not give all the people in your department or small business a chance to bond soon? Below are some favorite winter team building options enjoyed by companies and even volunteer groups across central Pennsylvania.

Attend Food and Beverage Classes

Want everyone on your payroll to learn something new? Many places offer workshops and events focused on food and beverages. For instance, your team could head to a winery or brewery to discover the inner workings of making popular drinks. Or, you could send everyone to an afternoon of culinary classes where they must work together to make a meal.

Support a Local Charity

Want a feel-good winter team building experience? Nonprofits always need help making their missions come to fruition. You can either pick a charity or have your team vote on one. Then, contact the organization to see how you can assist as a group. You’ll discover new skill sets in one another while improving your community and neighborhood.

Try a Physical Challenge

If your group loves a true adventure with a physical component, laser tag and indoor go-karts make ideal team building choices. Gather everyone together at a place like the Carlisle Sports Emporium for a morning, afternoon or entire day of pure adrenaline-boosting excitement. After spending time together in a different setting, colleagues tend to discover interesting connections with one another. These relationships can improve their collaboration and engagement when they return to the office.

Opt for a Mental Challenge Too

In addition to a physical event, you might want to double-up by adding a mental component to your winter team building experiences. For example, an escape room encourages everyone to join forces and determine how to get out of a sticky situation. Similarly, sending everyone on a regional scavenger hunt will help break down barriers by promoting teamwork.

Go Snow Tubing

Tired of indoor winter team building but not sure your coworkers would all be into skiing or sledding? Snow tubing presents the ideal opportunity for them to let loose safely.

As a side note, snow tubing can be a wonderful way to cap off more intense classroom work. Bring in a consultant to concentrate on teaching on-the-job skills in the morning, then take everyone for snow tubing as a treat in the afternoon.

Get Creative With Business Team Building

Only you know the makeup of your corporate team. With a little innovation and imagination, you can quickly pinpoint the right team building exercises to rapidly foster connections among talented team members. Best of all, you don’t have to wait until spring or summer to break down barriers to communication and improve dialogue between your budding superstars. Get busy now!