New Blackbeard’s Bounty Arcade Game!

Ahoy, Matey! Blackbeard’s Bounty has arrived at the Carlisle Sports Emporium!

Black Beard’s Bounty is a beautiful 6-player new generation pusher game that just joined the Carlisle Sports Emporium arcade!

The player receives a credit of tokens by swiping their re-loadable play card. Align the arm with the joystick to the desired position and launch the tokens by pressing the pushbutton. Rapid play is permitted by keeping the button pressed in.The suspense enhanced during the course of the game includes a bonus that yield between 5 and 50 extra tokens. Try to push as many points and cards off the playfield and get as many points as you can! Bring your friends to play this exciting new game today!

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Space Invaders Frenzy Arcade Game

Space Invaders Frenzy is our latest game to join our award-winning arcade! Space Invaders Frenzy is an updated take on the original iconic arcade classic “Space Invaders.” The game features updated controls, dual cockpit seating, and ultra-powerful blasters with specialty lighting effects on a giant LED screen, making it a must-play! The object of the game is to shoot as many invader ships as possible while protecting your “cannons” at the bottom of the screen. You win tickets by accumulating as many points as possible before your cannons are destroyed. Points are accrued by shooting enemy invaders and bonus UFO Ships. If you reach the targeted score to beat, you’ll win the “Invader Bonus!” Come take on the invader ships at The Place to Play!

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Go-kart FAQ’s

  • How fast are the Grand Prix Karts? – The Grand Prix karts are 17-18 MPH.
  • How fast are the Indoor Slick Karts? – The Slick karts go about 18 MPH. This is an oval track that requires breaking on the slides to avoid spinning out.
  • Can an adult drive a Rookie Kart? – Most adults can drive the go-kart, however; these karts have a body kit in them in order for kids 45″ or taller to reach the pedals, so adult’s knees may be up a little bit.
  • How long is a Go-kart Ride? – Each go-kart ride is 5 minutes.
  • Are there Passenger Karts? – Yes, there are passenger karts on our Grand Prix Track. You must be 18 years of age or older to drive a passenger and the passenger must be between 36″ – 54″ tall. Passengers must purchase a “passenger ticket.”
  • Do you have unlimited ride passes? – No, we do not have unlimited ride passes unless you rent the track out for an hour or more. We do offer a 6-ride package and a 10-ride package at a discounted rate.
  • Can two types of go-karts go on the same track at the same time? No, for safety reasons only 1 type of go-kart will run at a time on a single track.
  • What are the go-kart restrictions?

Grand Prix Go-karts

    • 58″ tall to drive alone
    • 18 years old to drive a passenger
    • 36″-57″ tall to ride as a passenger
      Outdoor Grand Prix
    Indoor FasTrack/Super Slick - Must be 16 years of age or older to drive
    Indoor Rookie Karts - 45" tall to drive; up to four karts run at a time




For more information on the go-karts, see

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Star Wars Day at The Place to Play

Thanks to all who visited with Darth Vader at Carlisle Sports Emporium’s Star Wars Day & gave our Star Wars Battle Pod a try! It was a fun day of Go-karts, Arcade Games, & Birthday Party celebrating with our Star Wars character! We’re looking forward to the next events coming soon to The Place to Play!

Keep checking in at or on our social media sites for more FUN events to come!

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Christmas Party at it’s Greatest!

The Carlisle Sports Emporium staff kicked off our 2016 Christmas season with a staff party at the one & only, PLACE TO PLAY! It’s so great to be able to take time off of working to get to really enjoy all of the FUN activities we have to offer our customers!

Our AWESOME staff gathered in our VIP Room for food, awards, & a bake-off contest, then headed to the go-karts for some Super Slick action on our indoor track. Following our racing, we enjoyed some arcade competitions and then ended the evening with an intense and incredibly exciting game of Laser tag! We would like to give a HUGE SHOUT OUT to our incredible staff!! Thanks for all of your hard work! Here’s to a great new year of Carlisle Sports Emporium fun with an excellent staff!

To enjoy a day of fun like this, give us a call to book your company event at (717) 258-4741!

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New Arcade Game Cruis’n Blast

Come try our BRAND NEW CRUIS’N BLAST Racing Arcade Game! Cruis’n Blast takes cruis’n into the new millennium as players zoom up to 200 mph through the bustle of London, blast through the exotic wonders of Madagascar, celebrate Carnival in Rio, amaze to the hi-tech splendor of Singapore, and drive an earth-shaking thriller through Death Valley! Enjoy the thrills of this game on a 42” screen and race against 3 other drivers at the Carlisle Sports Emporium! This game offers 5 exciting courses, over 20 vehicle choices, and displays cutting edge graphics and sound that recreates the sound of an actual race! Let the 1,000 dynamic color-changing LED’s draw you in for an ultimate racing experience!

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Trolls Roller Skating Event

Thanks to everyone who joined us for our Trolls Movie Roller Skating Event!

We had a great night of fun, roller skating, games, giveaways, Trolls music, and ended with a dance party contest! Congrats to our winners of the Limbo, the Dice Game & the dance party contest!

What a great night of roller skating & fun! We are excited for more upcoming special events! Check them out here!

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What is Laser Tag?

LASERTRON Laser Tag is an interactive experience that surpasses a simple video game. In fact, it is quite dynamic as players move from level to level, dodge pillars and race through opponent territory to attack enemy bases. This makes laser tag both a physical and mental challenge.


After picking a unique codename by which you will be identified throughout the game, players watch an instructional video and receive rules and regulations from the laser tag referee. Next up is the vesting stage, in which all players are equipped with their appropriate vest and phaser. Then, the four, six-minute games of pure action and fun begin.

Players are able to tag their opponents in four spots on the vest as well as two sides of the phaser. However, their overall objective is to defend their three team bases and attack the opponent’s three team bases. Players accumulate hundreds of points by tagging their opponent’s bases. The secret to success is to coordinate offensive and defensive strategies. Whoever does this the best and therefore scores the most points wins. By working together to defend your base and attacking the enemy base to score points, laser tag has the ability to be a great teambuilding activity!

Following this 40-minute session, players are able to collect their personalized score sheets detailing their performance during the session. Lasertron, laser tag is fun and competitive for both the novice and experienced laser tagger alike!

If you can’t get enough of LASERTRON laser tag with just one full session, try our double LASERTRON laser tag session! Consisting of two 40-minute sessions per person, this is guaranteed to be the best choice for thrilling fun. So what are you waiting for? Visit the Carlisle Sports Emporium today and experience the best laser tag in PA!

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Why We Love Roller Skating (& You should too!)

Roller Skating is GREAT for your health AND a FUN social event! Here are just a few of the reasons that we love Roller Skating here at the Carlisle Sports Emporium, and you should too!

  • It works to burn calories, strengthen leg muscles, burn fat and more!
  • It’s easy on the joints and offers a less harsh impact on your joints than sports such as running, offering a FUN alternative workout!
  • Roller Skating is sure to put you in a better mental state as well – from the upbeat music, to the gliding across the floor, the fun lights and the social capabilities it provides, it is an effective way to boost your mood!
  • While Roller Skating offers a great workout for burning calories and strengthening your muscles, it also helps to work your balance and is great for your heart!
  • Plus, what a fantastic stress reliever!

When’s the last time you strapped on a pair of skates and hit the skating rink?? Grab your friends and lace up your skates for an exhilarating exercise, or simply just to put a smile on your face and to shake the stress away!
sktgirl-skating quads skate-zone skates

Holiday Parties at The Place to Play!

Carlisle Sports Emporium specializes in company holiday parties!

All work and no play? At the Carlisle Sports Emporium you can do both! If you’ve been looking for an innovative way to pull your employees together, try a team-building corporate event at the Carlisle Sports Emporium! We offer the best corporate event venue in the area!

If you are looking for a place to have your next company dinner or meeting, then choose from our indoor VIP room, outdoor pavilion seating, or large indoor multi-purpose room!

Of course, along with our spacious meeting rooms, you’ll have the benefit of one of the best gaming experiences in the region at your fingertips! Choose us for your corporate events and treat your team to a change of pace, or a heated game of laser tag!

best vip cast group 1307359636852 CVHS Girls Lacrosse Team 2015 Staff Christmas Party DSC_2311crop sharp - LT









“I want to thank you for your individualized attention during our company Christmas party, held at your facility on Saturday, December 3rd. I know that we were not the only customers at the Carlisle Sports Emporium that evening, but the attention you and your staff provided was world class! I heard nothing but positive comments and have already put the plans in motion for [another] Christmas party to be held at the Carlisle Sports Emporium.”  Kirk – Safelite Auto Glass