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Corporate Summer & Fall Party Ideas

Corporate Summer & Fall Party Ideas

In the workplace, this time of year can often be an active time. Everyone is looking forward to embracing summer and fall to the fullest — including you. While your business may operate indoors, you can perk everyone up with some active, and possibly outdoor party ideas (that fit corporate policy) with a touch of originality that are sure to bring out an energetic crowd.

Drawing a blank on corporate summer/fall party ideas for your office or company? Here are 7 work party ideas to get you started.

1. Catch a Home Game

If you have a baseball stadium near your business, think about enjoying an evening at the ballpark with your co-workers. It’s an excellent way for your team to bond while nabbing some delicious hot dogs and fries. Another option is to cheer on some smaller baseball teams at a local park. For employees with kids, this is a terrific idea, because it’s a way for them to spend time with their family, too. If you’d don’t have a team to watch, consider starting your own! Many recreation leagues allow for business teams to participate in various seasonal sports.

2. Keep Cool with Water-Themed Fun

Worried about a heat wave scaring off attendees at your outdoor corporate events? Add some water. Hit the local waterpark, go on a river cruise, float down a lazy river or paddle through river rapids — the options are endless. Unsure about which corporate party idea your team will like? Create a poll and get their opinions.

3. Host a Sports Tournament

Many companies have employees who encourage competition. Whether they’re a part of your sales team or finance department, they’ll love this office party idea. Plan a sports tournament at your local park. You could play basketball, flag football, tennis or softball. You can even go the extra mile by hosting virtual and physical competitions, one for sports and one for video games. Of course, you’ll want to think of some prizes for your winners, like a gift card or special work perk.

4. Host Painting Parties

One type of corporate party idea that’s becoming more popular is painting parties, a take on Painting with a Twist. While you’re welcome to serve wine or craft beer at your event, it’s up to you and the other company leaders. A few ways you can up the ante on this office party idea is by setting it up outdoors at your company location with snacks and music.

5. Solve Riddles for Exciting Rewards

Want to reward and challenge your team with an exciting outdoor corporate event? Create a scavenger hunt around your office location, local park or warehouse, and write-up a series of riddles to help your co-workers solve the brainteaser. It’s an opportunity for your staff to flex their problem-solving skills while taking a break from their current tasks. Some rewards you can offer include gift cards, work-from-home days or vouchers to theme parks.

6. Go Hiking in Local Parks

Sometimes, people only want to be outdoors — no prizes or activities needed. A bit of planning is required on your part, however. Research local and state parks in your area, in addition to if they have any admission or parking fees. Get your team’s vote on where they’d like to host their next outdoor corporate event. Then plan on spending the day hiking and exploring before settling down to a company lunch.

7. Get Active Indoors and Outdoors

Is your team giving you more company outing ideas than you know what to do with? Come up with a compromise. Satisfy the outdoor enthusiasts with go-kart tracks, batting cages and mini-golf games, and give your indoor lovers what they want with a few rounds of laser tag, plenty of arcade games and countless trips around the roller rink. It may seem imaginary, but it’s a viable corporate party — and team-building retreat — when you come to Carlisle Sports Emporium.

Ready to make your company party a reality? Come to Carlisle Sports Emporium, which offers plenty of event space for groups of all sizes, as well as in-house catering.

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