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Tips for Efficient Meetings

Tips for Efficient Meetings

Meetings can be a great way for executives to gather new ideas from employees and shape company culture. If they’re not planned correctly, though, they can also be one of the biggest wastes of company time. Here are six of the best techniques to ensure your meetings are more efficient and effective.

1. Consider Whether the Meeting Is Necessary

Many meetings turn out to be entirely unnecessary. Before you ask your employees to stop what they’re doing to attend another company meeting, you should ask yourself if this matter needs to be handled in person or whether a quick email or five-minute phone conversation would suffice.

2. Keep It Short and Simple

People’s attention spans typically start to wane after 20 or 30 minutes. Consider whether your meetings really need to be an hour long or whether you could convey the information in half the time. Also, always stop your meetings on time or even early if possible to show your workers you value their time.

3. Discuss Important Items First

The first few vital minutes of business meetings are often wasted discussing unimportant matters. Instead, use this time when your employees’ attention spans are at their highest to discuss solutions and ideas for the most pressing items first. Set an agenda before the meeting to determine when items should be discussed and how long to spend on each.

4. Encourage Participation

If you’re the only one talking during your meeting, you’ll probably find that not much gets accomplished at all. Value your employees’ feedback and make sure every opinion gets heard through equal participation.

5. Take Notes

Let’s say that during a meeting, someone expresses a fantastic idea that could solve a time-sensitive issue within the company. Without a dedicated note-taker, you risk forgetting the small details and wasting time tracking down employees to remember what was said. Instead, have someone keep accurate notes of all meetings and circulate those notes after the meeting has ended.

6. Change Your Location

Sometimes the one thing holding your workers back from a great creative idea is their location. Do you hold every meeting in the same boring office meeting room? Switch things up and change the place of your meeting by going to a local meeting space, park, coffee shop or even right outside your office building. Often, the new surroundings are enough to get employees’ creative juices flowing to come up with a new idea or solution.

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