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Great Ideas for an Indoor Kids Birthday Party

Great Ideas for an Indoor Kids Birthday Party

You’re excited, and they’re excited. No matter the age, birthday parties are always fun. However; it can be a challenge to plan a birthday party when you’re limited to the indoors (especially with a bunch of kids!) If you’re searching for indoor birthday party ideas, you’re at the right place!

Here are seven excellent ideas for hosting your next indoor party.

  1. Roller Skating Parties

Is your child in love with roller skating? Make it their birthday theme! It’s a party idea both parents and kids love, as everyone can cruise around the rink and groove to their favorite songs, from the classics of your childhood to the hits of your kid’s.

  1. Indoor Pool Parties

An indoor birthday party idea we often forget about is pool parties! Many facilities with indoor pools, like the YMCA, offer party packages for their indoor pool. Tell everyone to bring their swimsuits and flippers and prepare to dive into the refreshing, heated water.

  1. Adventure Parties

Unsure of how your child or teen wants to celebrate their big day? Host an adventure party! With an adventure party, your teen and their friends can play a competitive game of laser tag, speed around on an indoor go-kart track or hit the arcade — and so can you!

  1. Glow in the Dark Parties

If you’re looking for a fun, at-home indoor birthday party idea, think about a glow-in-the-dark party. With some glow-in-the-dark face paint and Play-Doh, your child and their friends are bound to have an evening full of laughs. For some additional fun, let them create some blanket forts for their sleepover.

  1. Gaming Parties

Another at-home party idea is a gaming party. For kids, teens and even parents who love video games, this birthday party idea is an excellent option. Make sure you have plenty of controllers and multiplayer games on-hand, like Mario Kart. If you’re looking for indoor places for gaming birthday parties, head to an arcade. Kids and adults will all be excited for some pizza and arcade games!

  1. Bowling Alley Parties

It’s the quintessential birthday place — the bowling alley. For kids, teens and parents, a bowling alley offers a memorable and competitive time, from cheering for those strikes to laughing off those gutter balls. Plus, you can grab some snacks in between games or rent a party room for cake and presents.

  1. Movie Theater Parties

Whether your child is a fan of “Frozen” or “Star Wars,” you can bet they’ll enjoy an afternoon of watching their favorite movies. Plus, they’ll get to munch on their favorite movie theater treat: popcorn. If you’d like to see a just-released film, many theaters require the parties to come in the morning.

Bring Your Indoor Birthday Party Ideas to Carlisle Sports Emporium

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