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Increase Employee Engagement

Increase Employee Engagement

Every workplace benefits if employees are fully engaged. Productivity soars when people feel invested in their jobs and excited about their work. Teambuilding exercises can help people feel more comfortable with one another and make them more likely to work together when problems arise. Showing your trust in employees raises morale, as well. Use these five employee engagement ideas to get your team on the same page.

1. Volunteer for a Worthy Cause

Nothing brings people together like making a difference and giving back. Find a cause that means something to the people in the office. Perhaps a coworker has recently undergone cancer treatment — walking in a 5K to raise money for cancer research might be a good fit.

Whatever cause you choose, make sure you set expectations for the activity, such as requiring people to arrive and leave at the same time and making sure they do the work expected of them. If possible, opt for tasks you can all do together.

2. Provide Employees With Better Tools

Investing in your team shows them you have confidence in their ability and realize their value. Offering them better tools to do their jobs is one way to display your trust. You may get updated phones for the entire staff, or you could upgrade your team’s laptops. When you show the willingness to give them the technology they need to get the job done, they will feel more comfortable in their position. This will shine through in their job performance.

3. Offer More Training Opportunities

Most people want to find ways to do their jobs better. Giving them the physical tools to do it is one way to engage them, and another is to send them to training sessions that expose them to new ideas that can benefit your entire team. Consider starting a budget for training if you don’t already have one. Search out seminars in your town and look at online training opportunities, such as webinars.

4. Take Time to Talk to Your Employees

Want to know what’s keeping people from living up to their potential? Your employees will have loads of input for you about the office environment, politics and mentoring. Listen to their suggestions and complaints, and address the issues you think warrant attention. You may not be able to fix everything, but you will reassure your employees that someone above them cares about their experiences.

5. Have Some Fun

Work is serious, but your employees don’t always have to be. You need to balance fun with all the important stuff to keep your team happy. What better activity than going to play games together?

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  You can even set up team-building exercises and present them as a contest. At Carlisle Sports Emporium, we have lots of activities where your workers can face off in games of chance and skill. Everyone can participate, regardless of ability levels.

Carlisle Sports Emporium is a unique place where your employees can bond and build their capacity for teamwork. They’ll have such a good time that they won’t even realize they’re doing a team-building exercise. To book our venue for an upcoming work event, contact us today.