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Springtime Organization Tips

It’s officially spring, which means it’s time to start the spring cleaning! While spring cleaning is great and rewarding, there’s something else you should be investing time in this spring: organizing. When combined, spring cleaning and organizing can transform your home into a relaxing space that’s a joy to come home to after work or after a heart-pounding night of laser tag with your friends.

Ready to embrace that kind of feeling? Check out our seven springtime organization tips to get started.

  1. Create Spring-Organizing Lists

It’s a hefty challenge to organize your entire home, which is why you want to start with a list. Organize your efforts by room, noting any specific areas that need extra time — like that stack of junk mail in your office. You can even mark which days you’d like to work in a certain room, then cross them off once you’re done.

  1. Stock & Organize Cleaning Buckets

If you’re an experienced springtime cleaner, you may already have this cleaning and organization tip handled. If not, grab your cleaning supplies and purchase some containers for storing them. Depending on the size of your home, you may want to create cleaning buckets for each floor, making it easy to grab them and go. Fill buckets with necessary cleaning solutions and other things you might need like paper towels, sponges or cleaning cloths.

  1. Protect Winter Clothes

With the warmer weather of spring, it’s inevitable your winter clothes will return to the storage bins. Give yourself a pleasant surprise next year with this clever organization tip. Add herbs, like lavender or cinnamon sachets to your boxes for a fresh fragrance next winter. If you have wool clothes, use cedar hangers for an added touch.

  1. Create Desk Cubbies

For many homes, office spaces become a hub for every piece of paper that enters your house, from bank statements to junk mail. If there’s any room that needs spring cleaning and organizing, it’s your home office. Dive into your task by re-purposing old containers like coffee cans as cubbies for papers, pens and other items.

  1. Streamline Pots and Lids Storage

Opening your cupboards can see the unleashing of pots, pans and lids onto your floor. With this clever organization tip, however, you no longer need to worry about ducking for cover. If you have a pantry, purchase some metal towel bars. Install them and hang your cooking lids. You can then nest your pots and pans for quick access.

  1. Clean Miscellaneous Drawers

You know those areas of your homes, the places where you store “miscellaneous” items. This spring, it’s time to organize those drawers. Grab some plastic to-go containers and categorize every piece. Then, place them in their appropriate area, whether that’s a desk cubby or garbage bin. Now, you have even more room in these drawers!

  1. Avoid Cleaning Distractions

We all want spring cleaning and organizing to be fun. While talking on the phone can help to pass the time, it can also be a distraction — not to mention a risk to your phone and that nearby bucket of cleaning solution. So, choose to groove out to some music instead. Set your phone to silent, turn up your music and embrace your personal day.

Celebrate Your Spring Organizing Success at Carlisle Sports Emporium

After all that springtime organizing, you deserve a treat. So, why not go out and have some fun? At Carlisle Sports Emporium, there are tons of ways to have an enjoyable time, from racing around in a go-kart and dominating the arcade to knocking a few balls out of the ballpark and conquering the competition in laser tag.

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