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Team Building Tips for Building an Effective Team

Team Building Tips for Building an Effective Team

Cooperation and the ability to work together are an essential part of any workplace, school, sports team or other community. Teamwork doesn’t always come naturally, but it’s a skill you can learn and develop together. Encouraging your employees or classmates through team-building activities can teach your team to cooperate and foster mutual trust. You want your team to trust that others always have their back, as well as to have the ability to work together to show productive results. 

Team-building activities should mix fun with collaboration. You want teamwork to become a natural aspect of your company atmosphere. Try these four tips and activities to increase your sense of team.

1. Encourage Socializing Outside Work 

You can work with someone for years and not know what makes them tick. Understanding what motivates people can explain their actions at work and help you adjust to complement their working style. Someone you thought of as abrasive may actually be painfully shy. Spending time with them outside of work, in a place where they feel more relaxed, could help them open up and improve your working relationship.

Try: Hold a barbeque and inviting your employees’ families along with them. They may establish more of a comfort zone with people they love. Or, organize a fun evening out with your team, just to blow off steam and get to know each other better. 

2. Organize Fun Team-Building Activities

fun go kart racing

Competition can be a fantastic motivator. People who previously acted reserved may feel inspired by the high stakes to come out of their shells and bond with those around them as they strive for a common goal.

Try: Plan a team outing to Carlisle Sports Emporium. Try out the go-karts, mini golf and laser tag. Organize a team-wide competition in the batting cages. These activities make a perfect way to unwind while also bonding.

3. Mix up Your Teams

Often, workplaces, schools and teams have groups of people who work well together. You may be tempted to keep these “teams” together because they have displayed previous success. But you should expand your team-building beyond small groups. People leave jobs, they graduate from school, and they switch teams. You want the people who remain to become adept at working together before they are forced to do so out of necessity.

Try: Group new people together for smaller tasks, such as planning an office party or team dinner. Even if it doesn’t work out well the first time, keep them together for at least a few endeavors, so everyone can get used to each other. They may show better results than you expected!

4. Set Aside Time to Teach People About Others’ Jobs

Team bonding can happen when people gain a greater appreciation of others’ roles. Many people take for granted that things get done but often don’t know why or how. Let them know who makes the coffee in the breakroom or other duties, and they will gain a new appreciation for another team member.

Try: Inviting one person to share their duties during a monthly mid-morning coffee break, after a practice or in homeroom.

Team-building can be productive as well as entertaining. The Carlisle Sports Emporium offers endless team-building activities and options that have proven to be a great way to bond and build team-unity.  Get in touch with us to see how we can cater to your next event.