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What to Do With the Family Over Christmas Break?

The holiday season can be a great time for families, but it can also create a bit of a challenge for parents. Kids usually have a fair amount of time off around Christmas, and while hanging around the house and enjoying new gifts is fine for a couple of days, you’re probably going to want to fill a lot of that family time with some meaningful activities. Here are some family activities to try during Christmas break.

Family Activities During Christmas Break

Go to a Museum

Some kids may hear museum and wonder if school is really out after all. But a museum can actually be a lot of fun for the whole family, and a chance for kids to see there’s more to the world than just what’s on their smartphone or tablet screen. There are museums for every area of interest, including history museums, interactive science museums geared toward kids and the classic art museum. All of these provide an opportunity to learn with your children while enjoying quality family time.

Build a Snowman

It may seem like a cliché, but building a snowman is really a family activity that never gets old. It’s great exercise, creative, requires cooperation and can be a blast. If snow people aren’t your thing, you and your family can create whatever kind of snowscape you like, or hop on a sled for some sleigh riding. Just don’t be surprised if, at some point, the proceedings deteriorate into the classic family snowball fight. If there’s no snow, bundle up and take a nature walk together.


Volunteering over the holiday break at a shelter, soup kitchen, food drive or animal rescue, for example, can be a great way to give something back to the community and instill your values into the next generation. Many people find that being charitable is the most rewarding part of the holiday experience, and this is a wonderful and enduring gift you can give to your kids.

Visit an Entertainment Complex

An entertainment complex can provide hours of great family activities all in one place, and you can come back day after day without ever doing the same thing twice — unless you want to. In Central PA, The Place to Play is Carlisle Sports Emporium, right off of I-81 and the Pennsylvania Turnpike. We feature the largest arcade in south central PA, as well as go-karts (indoor go-karts for those extra wintry days), a 7,500 square foot laser tag arena, virtual reality games, Victory Lane Café for lunch or a snack to keep you going, & more.

Spend Time Together

The most important thing when it comes to Christmas break is taking the opportunity to spend meaningful time together. Try some of the suggestions above to make some terrific family memories that will last a lifetime. And be sure to sign up for Carlisle Sports Emporium E-Club to find out about upcoming events, discounts and other opportunities to get the most out of Carlisle Sports Emporium during Christmas break and all year long!